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DIC Asset AG is planning an extraordinary dividend for 2017

(Frankfurt, 09.10.2017)

Disclosure of an inside information acc. to Article 17 MAR

Frankfurt/Main, October 09, 2017. With the completion of the takeover of WCM Beteiligungs- und Grundbesitz-AG („WCM“) by TLG Immobilien AG („TLG“), DIC Asset AG achieves an one-time extraordinary income of around 19 million euros due to the exchange of the WCM-shares into TLG-shares. The Management Board of DIC Asset AG plans to enable the shareholders of DIC Asset AG to participate in this income and intends to propose the distribution of a one-time extraordinary dividend of at least 20 cents per share.

DIC Asset AG has supported the Public Takeover Offer by TLG for all shares of WCM announced in June 2017 and will hold a stake in the dividend strong commercial real estate AG with completion of the transaction.

After the adoption of the annual financial statements for 2017 the distribution of the one-time extraordinary dividend shall be proposed to the next ordinary Annual General Meeting of DIC Asset AG for the decision on the appropriation of profit and subject to the corresponding resolution by the Annual General Meeting be distributed in addition to the targeted dividend for 2017 from operating activities.

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