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Commercial Portfolio

Commercial Portfolio

Gathered in our Commercial Portfolio is the real estate that we manage as owners and property asset holders across Germany. They represent predominantly commercial properties in major cities and regional economic centres, the focus being on office use.

The 101 assets currently in our proprietary portfolio generate stable rent revenues from attractive long-term lease agreements. The rent revenues are broadly diversified by region, sector and tenant. The gross rental return of our real estate portfolio currently equals 5.9%.

Moreover, we optimise our portfolio properties through active letting management, refurbishments and repositioning, thereby generating profits from property disposals out of the Commercial Portfolio in addition to the rent revenues.

As of the key date of 31 December 2018, the real estate assets held in the Commercial Portfolio added up to c. 1.7 billion euros.


Commercial Portfolio overview
(as at 31.12.2018)*

  2018 2017
Number of properties 101 113
Market value in EUR million 1,696.8 1,639.2
Rental space in sqm 884,000 911,600
Annualised rental income in EUR million 97.6 95.5
Average rental income in EUR per sqm 9.64 9.32
WALT (years) 5.8 5.1
EPRA Vacancy rate in % 7.2 9.5

Gross rental yield in %

5.9 6.4
* all figures without project developments and warehousing,
except for number of properties, market value and WALT



Tenant structure
(as at 31.12.2018)

Commercial Portfolio - Tenant structure