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At a glance

Shares outstanding 79,071,549 (registered shares)
Ticker symbol DIC
Freefloat 55.9%
Important Indices SDAX, DIMAX
Exchanges Xetra, all german exchanges
Segment Deutsche Börse Prime Standard
Paying agent Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG

Key figures (1)

FFO per share Euro 1.32 0.97
FFO yield % 8.4 10.7
EPRA earnings per share Euro 1.17 0.89
Dividend per share Euro 0.66(3) 0.48
Year-end price Euro 15.90 9.07
52-weeks high Euro 15.90 10.92
52-weeks low Euro 8.90 8.76
Market capitalisation (2)  Euro million  1.148 640
(1) in closing price in Xetra trading
(2) based on year-end price in Xetra trading
(3) proposed



Analyst recommendations

There are currently 9 financial institutions which analyse DIC Asset AG’s business development and future potential on a regular basis. 

as of February 2020

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