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Analysts' assessments

As of February 2020

There are currently 9 financial institutions which analyse DIC Asset AG’s business development and future potential on a regular basis.


Overview: Table of analysts’ assessments (PDF, 60 KB) >>

The following financial institutions regularly report on DIC Asset AG:



Andre Remke


Dr. Georg Kanders


Kai Klose


Karsten Oblinger


Thomas Martin


Edouard Enault


Jochen Schmitt


Manuel Martin


Philipp Kaiser



Note: On this website we provide you with an overview of current analysts’ assessments. These assessments are based solely on analyses by independent financial analysts. These views, forecasts, assessments and predictions regarding the performance of DIC Asset AG represent only the opinions of these analysts and not those of DIC Asset AG or its Management Board. DIC Asset AG accepts no liability of any kind for the selection, currency, completeness or accuracy of the estimated results represented. None of the information given on this website should be understood as an invitation or solicitation to purchase DIC Asset AG shares. Any liability for damages occurring to third parties arising out of the information given on this website is excluded.