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Remuneration Report

Remuneration system for the Management Board

The Supervisory Board sets the total remuneration of individual members of the Management Board, and adopts and regularly reviews the remuneration system for the Management Board.

Total remuneration adequately reflects the tasks of each member of the Management Board, their personal performance, the economic situation, the success and future prospects of DIC Asset AG, and it is also appropriate when measured against its peer group and the Company's overall remuneration structure. The remuneration structure establishes long-term behavioural incentives particularly through share-based payments and is generally focused on ensuring long-term and sustainable business growth. At the same time, remuneration is focused in such a way that it is competitive.

The remuneration of the Management Board comprises three components: (i) a fixed remuneration and fringe benefits, (ii) a variable remuneration that is contingent on the achievement of specific targets (short-term performance-related component) and (iii) share-based payment (long-term incentive component)


  • Fixed remuneration and fringe benefits
    The fixed remuneration is paid in equal monthly instalments. The fringe benefits consist of the provision of a company car, a mobile telephone and capped insurance subsidies, particularly for accident, medical and pension insurance or some other private form of pension provision.
  • Variable, performance-related remuneration
    The Management Board's variable, performance-related remuneration (bonus) is based on the operating result of the DIC Asset Group and therefore take account of both positive and negative developments.

    Members of the Management Board are granted a bonus only if the DIC Asset Group reports an operating profit. The amount of the bonus is based on the extent to which corporate and personal targets were achieved. Corporate and personal targets are each given a 50 % weighting by the Supervisory Board when setting the bonus. No bonus cap has been specified in the director's contracts. The Supervisory Board decides on the bonus once a year by 31 May of the following year. The bonus is paid on the last bank working day of the month in which the Supervisory Board makes its decision on the bonus.
  • Share-based payment as a long-term incentive
    In addition, members of the Management Board hold options on phantom stocks in DIC Asset AG, which also take account of both positive and negative developments. The number of options granted is specified in individual contracts and capped. The options are designed such that they only grant the right to cash payment. The exercise of the options is linked to a specific number service years (vesting period). The duration of the vesting period is regulated by contract (see table "Phantom stock options"). When the options are exercised, the special remuneration is determined as the positive difference between the average of the closing prices during a reference period of ten trading days preceding the exercise of the options and the contractually agreed exercise price of EUR 5.88 per phantom stock. The members of the Management Board may therefore benefit from the shares' upside potential during the reference period. No cap has been set on the participation in the upside potential at the time the option is exercised. The fair value of the options on 31 December 2019 was EUR 792 thousand.

Activities carried out by the members of the Management Board in executive management and/or supervisory functions for DIC Asset AG's subsidiaries or investees are covered by the Management Board remuneration paid for DIC Asset AG.

Regulations regarding the termination of director’s contracts
The director's contracts of the Management Board members do not expressly provide for severance pay. In deviation from clause 4.2.3 of the German Corporate Governance Code as amended on 7 February 2017, it has not been agreed that payments made to Management Board members on premature termination of their director's contract including fringe benefits do not exceed the equivalent of two years' remuneration (severance pay cap) and compensate no more than the remaining term of the director's contract.

If a Management Board member dies during the term of their director's contract, the fixed annual salary and the variable remuneration are to be paid pro rata temporis to their surviving dependants for a period of six months after the end of the month in which the Management Board member died. If a Management Board member becomes permanently incapable of working during the term of their director's contract, the contract will end three months after the end of the half-year in which the member's permanent incapacity was established. In the event of illness, the benefits will be paid for a term of six months, but no longer than until the director's contract ends.

Management Board members have not been promised a post retirement employee benefit.

Benefits paid to former Management Boardmembers in financial year 2018
IMr Dirk Hasselbring, who left the Management Board effective 31 August 2019, did not receive any further remuneration in financial year 2019 in addition to the above remuneration for his service on the Management Board until 31 August 2019. An additional provision of EUR 152,400.00 was recognised as at 31 December 2019 for the remaining share-price related remuneration. On 1 September 2019, Dirk Hasselbring moved to the Man-agement Board of DIC Asset subsidiary GEG German Estate Group AG, where he is responsible for institutional business.

Mr Karaduman (CEO until 30 September 2017) exercised his 75,000 share options at the beginning of the year and received a total of EUR 314,025.00 in return, of which EUR 240,000.00 had already been accounted for by way of a provision as at 31 December 2018.

Management Board remuneration in financial year 2019

Remuneration of Supervisory Board members

SSupervisory Board remuneration is based on article 10 of the Articles of Association of DIC Asset AG. Accordingly, each member receives appropriate remuneration for their work that is composed of fixed remuneration and variable performance-related remuneration. The members of the Supervisory Board receive fixed remuneration of EUR 25,000.00 for each full financial year of membership of the Supervisory Board. Such remuneration shall be payable after the end of the financial year and shall be posted as an expense. Each member also receives EUR 2,500.00 annually for each percentage of the dividend over the rate of ten percent, calculated on the amount of the share capital that is distributed, but no more than EUR 25,000.00. The Chairman is paid twice the fixed and variable remuneration, and the Vice Chairman is paid one-and-a-half times the fixed and variable remuneration.
Supervisory Board members who are members of a Supervisory Board committee that has met at least once during the financial year receive an annual remuneration of EUR 5,000.00 per committee for each full financial year of their membership of this committee, but no more than EUR 10,000.00 in total. The Chairman of a Supervisory Board committee receives double this amount of additional remuneration.

In addition to the remuneration, each member of the Supervisory Board receives reimbursement of their expenses, including value added tax.

The total remuneration of the Supervisory Board members amounted to EUR 394 thousand in 2019. Supervisory Board members were also reimbursed travel expenses totalling EUR 1 thousand. A total of EUR 190 thousand (previous year: EUR 388 thousand) in remuneration for services purchased was paid to the law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, of which the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, is a partner. The Supervisory Board had approved of this retention in July 2019, with the Chairman of the Supervisory Board abstaining from the vote. The fees paid for services in financial year 2019 concerned project-related legal consulting services on specific issues of company law.

Remuneration of Supervisory Board members in financial year 2019

Directors’ Dealings

Article 19 of Regulation (EU) no. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on market abuse (Market Abuse Regulation) requires members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board to report any transactions conducted on their own account relating to the shares or debt instruments of DIC Asset AG or to derivatives or other financial instruments of DIC Asset AG linked thereto (Directors' dealings). This obligation also applies to persons related to members of governing bodies. However, transactions only had to be disclosed if the total amount of all transactions made by a member of a governing body or a person related to a member of a governing body until the end of the 2019 calendar year was at least EUR 5,000.00.