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Sustainability ReportDIC Asset AG has been continuously reporting on its sustainability activities since 2009. Since March 2011 this has been done in the form of a stand-alone sustainability report, to give appropriate scope to the growing importance of sustainability within our company.

For our latest Sustainability Report 2015/2016, click here (PDF, 4.2 MB) >>

EPRA Silver AwardFor the fifth time, our sustainability reporting was cited for excellence – this time winning an EPRA Silver award after four times bronze. Once again, we were honoured for our successful implementation and transparent reporting in accordance with the best-practice criteria of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA).

Our ecological sustainability principles
  • Energy- and cost-efficient management of our real estate
  • Long-term improvements in the existing portfolio and during project developments
  • Optimisation and reduction of CO₂ emissions and consumption of resources
Our principles of social sustainability
  • Development of a positive corporate culture and safe and comfortable working environment
  • Support for employee growth and advancement, including training and market-level compensation
  • Long-term partnerships with high-performing companies
  • Cautious urban development with respect for the growing environment
  • Charitable and social involvement focused on investment in local communities

Our economic sustainability principles
  • Stable, long-term cash flows based on a diversified real estate portfolio and a growing fund business
  • Generating long-term value through effective property and asset management
  • Balance of appropriate financing to ensure growth
  • Profit-oriented growth and corporate development
  • Continuous positive contributions to results and dividends

Our sustainability strategy

DIC Asset AG has some EUR 3.4 billion under management, made up of its Commercial Portfolio, real estate funds and other joint ventures. As one of the largest real estate investors and asset managers in Germany, our business activities have numerous environmental, social and economic impacts.

Our sustainability strategy centres on awareness, monitoring, and optimisation of these impacts. Proactive communication with our tenants, our business partners, our employees, our investors and our residents is critical to this process. By cultivating lasting, ethical, and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders, we can effectively prioritize our response to challenges and opportunities that arise.

In our entrepreneurial decisions and processes, we observe ecological and social requirements and, wherever possible, forego the opportunities for short-term gains in favour of successive optimisation of our business practices. With our long-term investment horizon for our Commercial Portfolio and fund business, we aim to manage resources and the environment in a way that is sustainable for years to come.

Our approach to sustainability includes

  • strict adherence to environmental, social and safety requirements
  • integrating sustainability issues into our business processes
  • open and transparent communication with stakeholders
  • incorporating the Precautionary Principle into management
    of sustainability topics

Our strategic and organisational target is to anchor the sustainability approach permanently in our corporate strategy, and to optimising it in successive stages going forward. This includes implementing sustainability targets in our business processes and consequently making them achievable for employees in their day-to-day work. This will be a lengthier dynamic process in some areas, which we will regularly document in our sustainability ­reports in future.


Before, we reported on our sustainability activities in the contex of our annual reports: