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DIC Asset AG is one of Germany’s leading listed property companies, and specialises in commercial real estate. With around 20 years of experience on the Germany’s real estate market, we maintain a regional footprint on all major German markets through six branch offices, and have 181 assets with a combined market value of c. EUR 5.1 billion under management.

Using a hybrid business model, we focus on three business divisions, these being called Commercial Portfolio, Funds, and Other Investments. We take an active asset management approach, employing a proprietary, integrated real estate management platform to raise capital appreciation potential in our business divisions and to boost our revenues. Our investment strategy is aimed at the ongoing development of a quality-driven, highly profitable, and regionally diversified portfolio.

In-house real estate management teams provide a direct service to tenants, working out of our branch offices in each of the regions that our portfolio focuses on. Staying in close touch with our tenants and with regional markets gives us a head start in local footprint and know-how and thus an edge over national and international competitors with no presence on the ground. Our activities seek to secure and increase rent revenues and net income while boosting the value of our real estate assets in the process. To this end, we monitor and control the entire value chain – from the acquisition, to the asset and property management, and all the way to the eventual disposal – as well as the use of our resources.

These are our three operating segments:

Commercial Portfolio

In the Commercial Portfolio segment (EUR 1.6 billion), we operate as proprietor and property asset holder to earn stable long-term rent revenues and thereby to generate a constant cashflow for the company. Moreover, we optimise existing properties by pursuing an active letting management and by repositioning the assets. Taking an active asset management approach helps us to raise capital appreciation potential in our portfolio assets, and to realise capital gains through well-timed disposals.


The Funds segment (EUR 1.9 billion) includes investment vehicles that we structure for our institutional investors to generate attractive dividend yields on Germany’s commercial real estate market. Here, we concentrate on attractive core investments in major business locations. Another business line associated with the Funds segment involves the asset management and property management services as well as buying and selling services that we provide to generate a steadily growing income from management fees for the company.

Other Investments

Gathered in the Other Investments segment (EUR 1.6 billion) are strategic investments, the management of properties in which the company holds no equity stakes, equity investments in property developments and joint venture investments.

Facts and figures at a glance

(accounting principles in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS)

Key Figures in EUR million2013 2014 201520162017
Gross rental income 125.2 147.5 136.7 111.2 109.7
Real estate management fees 6.5 5.2 7.3 21.5 20.8
Proceeds from sales of property 81.1 90.5 201.3 318.1 229.5
Profits on property disposals 7.6 6.8 14.9 23.2 25.5
Share of the profit of associates 1.6 6.6 7.7 2.3 29.0
FFO (Funds from operations) 45.9 47.9 49.0 47.0 60.2
EBITDA 106.3 128.3 126.6 114.9 136.6
EBIT 70.9 85.2 83.9 79.6 105.6
EPRA earnings 45.5 47.6 47.6 44.1 56.9
Profit for the period 16.0 14.0 20.7 26.9* 64.4
Total assets 2,596,0 2,537.0 2,456.1 2,395.5 2,341.3
Equity 793.1 774.8 792.1 757.0 828.9
Net Asset Value 862.4 864.8 884.1 880.0 900.0

* adjusted for one-off expenses


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