Dynamic Performance

What Distinguishes Us: Dynamic Performance

Anyone who works with us has come to know us as quick, reliable and creative – and always at least one step ahead of the game.

We increased our assets under management by around 20% to EUR 11.5 billion in 2021. At EUR 107.2 million, the funds from operations (FFO) crossed into the triple-digit range for the first time, and topped the prior-year result by a substantial 11%.

What is the basis underlying these dimensions? Our success rests on two pillars. On the one hand, you have our “Institutional Business.” And on the other hand, there is the “Commercial Portfolio.” The two pillars have equal standing in our active asset management approach, and we invest a great deal of energy in their continuous development.

The development effort is not just a quantitative but also a qualitative task for us.
For we anticipate which features will be in demand tomorrow and the day after:

  • in terms of building characteristics, tenant mix, and in use concepts that take work flexibilization into account,
  • in terms of management services – by offering a spectrum of services that we provide reliably, in accordance with the highest standards and, in addition, by taking creative conceptual approaches,
  • and, above all, in our corporate organisation, as far as the networking of know-how, the mobilisation of value-added through digitisation and the promotion of new ideas are concerned.

There are no financial- or real-estate-industry performance indicators that could directly measure a company’s presence on the ground, its innovativeness, its short lines of communication and its trustworthiness. Yet these are precisely the characteristics that enable us to stay the one step ahead that makes a difference. They are not tied to a given property but to the team that manages things. Behind the figures and assets are weighty strategic decisions, entrepreneurial success – and an outstanding team above all.

So, it’s the team that makes all the difference! It’s the people who commit their experience to get projects moving, and who pursue success with passion. When we sat down together to pinpoint the vision that sets DIC apart, we found that it essentially boils down to one thing: dynamic performance. We feel this is precisely what makes us stand out. And the way our clients experience us. We are swift, reliable and creative. The key ingredients to generate a powerful dynamic. And a compelling performance.