What Distinguishes Us: Dynamic Performance

Anyone who works with us has come to know us as quick, reliable and creative – always on the move and at least one step ahead. That’s dynamic performance.

In the 2022 financial year, we achieved a new record on our platform with assets under management of around EUR 14.7 billion and generated the highest funds from operations result in DIC’s 25-year history at EUR 114.2 million. With this FFO, we exceeded our record result from 2021 by around 7%. In addition, the 2022 financial year was characterised by transformation through transactions. With the acquisition of VIB Vermögen AG, a leading logistics and light industrial company with 30 years of experience, we have added a second strong asset class to our commercial portfolio in addition to offices and sustainably increased cash flow.

What is the basis for these dimensions? It is the unique business model based on two pillars: the Institutional Business on the one hand and the Commercial Portfolio on the other. These two pillars are of equal importance in our 360-degree active asset management approach, and we invest a great deal of creativity and energy in their continuous development.

The development effort is not just a quantitative but also a qualitative task for us.
We anticipate what features will be in demand tomorrow and the day after:

  • in terms of building characteristics, tenant mix, and utilization of concepts that consider flexibilization of work,
  • in terms of management services – by offering a range of services that we deliver reliably, to the highest standards and with creative  approaches,
  • and, above all, in our corporate organisation,  in terms of  networking know-how, mobilising added value through digitisation and the promoting new ideas.

There are no financial- or real-estate-industry performance indicators that could directly measure a company’s local presence, innovation, short lines of communication and trustworthiness. Yet these are precisely the characteristics that enable us to stay that one step ahead that makes the difference. They are not tied to a specific asset but to the team that manages them. Behind the figures and assets are weighty strategic decisions, entrepreneurial success – and, above all an outstanding team!

So, it’s the team that makes the difference! It’s the people who use their experience to get projects moving, and who are passionate about success. When we sat down together to define the vision that sets DIC apart, we found that it essentially boils down to one thing: dynamic performance. We believe this is what sets us apart. And the way our clients experience us. We are quick, reliable and creative. The key ingredients to creating a powerful dynamic. And a compelling performance