Sustainable action
at DIC Asset AG

We positively mitigate climate change

We shape our business with and for the people

We are a reliable partner, and conduct our business activities in a transparent and accountable manner

We use digitisation for ESG purposes as yet another building block

Sustainability as key component of the corporate strategy

„Know how and know why“

E: We positively mitigate climate change

We have set measurable climate targets based on current knowledge of the environmental parameters available globally and our own market knowledge.

Furthermore, we want to contribute actively to decarbonising the European Building sector. Reducing CO2 emissions and decreasing environmental damage are a top priority for us.

S: We shape our business with and for the people

As an employer, we are responsible for ensuring a positive corporate culture as well as a safe, social and healthy working environment.

Collaboration at DIC is based on motivation, diversity, an entrepreneurial mind-set and behaviour, independence, flexibility and expertise.

G: We are a reliable partner, and conduct our business activities in a transparent and accountable manner

We attach great importance to corporate governance in the sense of managing our company sustainably.

We commit ourselves to observing the principles of ethical conduct and integrity, any and all applicable legal provisions as well as our internal corporate values.

3+1: We use digitisation for ESG purposes as yet another building block

Digitisation has become a regular component of our day-to-day business. Synergies from the standardisation and automation of operational and administrative processes act as basis for the digital services we provide to our investors and tenants: They help us to keep stepping up the pace.

Yet we derive much more from it:
Higher quality.
Smarter use of resources.
Better service.

CEO Sonja Wärntges
Chief Executive Officer

Sonja Wärntges

Sustainability concerns us all. It affects the entire organisation and covers a broad spectrum of topics. Almost all parts of the Group collaborated to prepare this report. Sustainability is team work at its best.

With some pride, we can now look back over 10 years of sustainability reporting. Seen in other quarters as an inconsequential peripheral topic, sustainable conduct – and hence, visionary corporate thinking – has always formed part of our DNA. Yet we are in no way resting on our laurels as regards our success. This report sees us usher in the next phase of sustainable transformation.

To make our understanding of sustainability tangible, we set quantifiable targets for all ESG issues. Our climate target has taken on special significance. Achieving it over the next few years will provide us with both a challenge and an incentive, and we will continue to make our positive contribution towards mitigating climate change.

We hope you enjoy exploring our 2021 Sustainability Report.

Our ESG Strategy

The ESG approach has become an essential and integral component of our corporate strategy, of our management approach and of our business activities – not just since yesterday.

We manage our business proactively in line with sustainability aspects by our experienced management. Combining it with our digital and IT strategy creates a powerful foundation.

„Know how and know why“

Dr. Kati Herzog
Head of Sustainability

Dr. Kati Herzog

“As a listed company, DIC is very much in the public eye. This translates into high expectations in our sustainability performance and in our transparency.

Since our business model consists of two complementary segments – the proprietary property stock (Commercial Portfolio) on the one hand, and the third-party business (Institutional Business) on the other – we are not only subject to regulatory requirements, but also engage with industry trends and the most diverse needs of our stakeholders, which include our shareholders, tenants, and institutional clients.

The sheer variety of topics that we gather under the ESG ­umbrella on the basis of our performance profile and our 360-degree approach is broad, currently very dynamic and simultaneously complex: The topics range from operational to strategic in character, i. e. from the heating system to individual properties and funds, all the way to group-level issues that concern both our business and our employees and real estate. Plus, they interact and have ramifications for the overall ESG picture.

In short, ESG has become a part of day-to-day business. We have defined and communicated our ESG roadmap, and have worked on setting our quantitative targets. The time has come to take things a step further along the same lines in order to get everyone in the company to come aboard and to ensure that DIC is making progress with its ESG agenda.”

see our ESG objectives


Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct illustrates what we as DIC Group stand for, and what sort of values
we uphold.

Code of Conduct