Investor Relations : DIC Asset AG's share


Basic data on the DIC Asset AG share

DIC Asset AG has been SDAX-listed since June 2006.

Shares outstanding 81,861,163 (registered shares)
Ticker symbol DIC
Freefloat 45.1%
Important Indices SDAX, DIMAX
Exchanges Xetra, all german exchanges
Segment Deutsche Börse Prime Standard
Designated Sponsors ODDO BHF Corporates & Markets AG, Baader Bank AG, Stifel Europe Bank AG
Paying agent Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG
Key figures in EUR (1) 2020 2019
FFO per share 1.22 1.32
FFO yield in % 9.1 8.4
EPRA earnings per share 1.07 1.17
Dividend per share 0.70 (3) 0.66
Year-end price 13.46 15.90
52-weeks high 17.14 15.90
52-weeks low 7.00 8.90
Market capitalisation in EUR million(2) 1,085 1,148
(1) in closing price in Xetra trading
(2) based on year-end price in Xetra trading
(3) proposed

Stock chart

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Shareholder structure

As of September 2021*

*based on  WpHG notifications and company information

Deutsche Immobilien Chancen Group34.8
Yannick Patrick Heller10.1
RAG Foundation10.0
Free float 45.1
– thereof other
- thereof FMR LLC6.8
- thereof Fidelity Securities Fund3.1

Analysts’ assessment

As of August 2021

There are currently 11 financial institutions which analyse DIC Asset AG’s business development and future potential on a regular basis.