Investor Relations : DIC Asset AG's share


Basic data on the DIC Asset AG share

DIC Asset AG has been SDAX-listed since June 2006.

Shares outstanding 80,587,028 (registered shares)
Ticker symbol DIC
Freefloat 47.1%
Important Indices SDAX, DIMAX
Exchanges Xetra, all german exchanges
Segment Deutsche Börse Prime Standard
Designated Sponsors ODDO Seydler, Baader Bank
Paying agent Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG
Key figures in EUR (1) 2019 2018
FFO per share 1.32 0.97
FFO yield in % 8.4 10.7
EPRA earnings per share 1.17 0.89
Dividend per share 0.66 0.48
Year-end price 15.90 9.07
52-weeks high 15.90 10.92
52-weeks low 8.90 8.76
Market capitalisation in EUR million(2) 1.148 640
(1) in closing price in Xetra trading
(2) based on year-end price in Xetra trading

Stock chart

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Shareholder structure

As of October 2020*

*based on  WpHG notifications and company information

Deutsche Immobilien Chancen Group34.6
RAG Foundation10.0
Yannick Patrick Heller8.3
Free float 47.1
– thereof other
- thereof FMR LLC5.3

Analysts’ assessment

As of January 2021

There are currently 10 financial institutions which analyse DIC Asset AG’s business development and future potential on a regular basis.

Institute Analyst
Baader Bank Andre Remke
Berenberg Bank Kai Klose
Commerzbank Tom Carstairs
DZ Bank Karsten Oblinger
HSBC Thomas Martin
Kepler Cheuvreux Ferran Tort Barniol
Metzler Jochen Schmitt
ODDO BHF Manuel Martin
SRC Research Stefan Scharff
Warburg Research Philipp Kaiser

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