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Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

Peer Schlinkmann

+49 69 9454858-1492

+49 69 9454858-9399

kontakt @ linkedin

kontakt @ xing

Senior Manager Investor Relations

Maximilian Breuer, CFA

Maximilian Breuer

+49 69 9454858-1465

+49 69 9454858-9399

kontakt @ linkedin

kontakt @ xing

Submission of notifications of major holdings

We kindly ask shareholders who are obliged to notify DIC Asset AG about changes in major holdings to submit the corresponding notification exclusively via e-mail to the following address:

DIC Asset AG
Investor Relations

Note: As of 01 July 2020, it is compulsory for entities subject to notification obligations to submit their notifications of major holdings to the issuer electronically both (i) as readable file and (ii) as an XML data record.

Financial publications

Ordering Service

We would be happy to send you our current annual report, either in an environmentally friendly PDF format by e-mail or in printed form by post.

Please note: The printed annual report 2022 will be available in March 2023.

Other financial reports such as interim statements are available as PDF in the section financial publications.

    Please send me the annual report 2022

    Printed version by postPDF by e-Mail

    I am

    Private InvestorInstitutional InvestorAnalystOther


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