As one of Germany’s leading listed real estate companies, DIC Asset AG is committed to the three-pillar model of sustainable development:

To ensure its long-term success, the company’s senior management takes environmental and social aspects into account in addition to economic aspects.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on identifying, monitoring and possibly mitigating the adverse consequences of our business activities under any of these three aspects. The active communication with our tenants, business partners, employees, investors and occupiers plays a key role in this context. For it is the cultivation of lasting stakeholder relationships, characterised by integrity and reciprocity, that enables us to define our priorities when seeking the most effective ways to handle new challenges and opportunities.

Our economic sustainability principles

  • Investments in sustainable value-added through acquisitions and redevelopments of existing buildings
  • Stable long-term cashflows on the basis of an optimised diversified real estate portfolio
  • Yield-driven growth and corporate development in sync with the hybrid model
  • Continuity in terms of diversified positive contributions to operating income and dividends
  • Balanced financial structure with a long-term horizon

Our ecological sustainability principles

  • Energy and cost-effective management of our real estate
  • Long-term approach to upgrades of existing buildings and to project developments
  • Optimisation and reduction of CO₂ emissions and resource consumption

Our principles of social sustainability

  • Securing a positive corporate culture along with a safe and pleasant working environment
  • Helping employees to unfold and develop their potential, not least through continuing education and market-consistent pay
  • Cultivating long-term partnerships with highly productive companies
  • Handling historically evolved neighbourhoods respectfully through sensitive urban development
  • Sponsoring charitable and social commitments, specifically to promote the common good
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Sustainability reports

Our Sustainability reports are available in an environmentally friendly PDF format

Sustainability Report

With the current edition of our Sustainability Report, we continue our steady efforts to professionalise our reporting. This report is structured and presented in accordance with the “core” option of the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI standards), and the GRI Construction and Real Estate Sector Supplement (CRESS). Moreover, additional performance data are provided in accordance with the Best Practices Recommendations by the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA). This report also covers social and governance-related EPRA sustainability indicators in addition to environmental indicators for the first time.

DIC Asset AG has been continuously reporting on its sustainability activities since 2009. Since March 2011 this has been done in the form of a stand-alone sustainability report, to give appropriate scope to the growing importance of sustainability within our company. The report supplements our financial reporting by adding valuable extra information on our company and by enhancing the transparency.