Value-creation at a glance

Across the Entire Spectrum of Real Estate Services: dynamic performance

Our business combines the management of properties either held in our proprietary portfolio or on behalf of institutional investors across the entire spectrum of real estate services. From acquisitions, to repositioning, and all the way to target returns: DIC ensures capital preservation, pinpoint timing and reliable results by employing highly productive teams of experts, proven processes and professional efficiency.

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Our transaction team is the key to optimally structured investments. Thanks to its comprehensive know-how, we handle acquisitions and sales — including the financing arrangements — in swift, reliable and highly agile ways.

We practice active asset management, which means: We do everything in the book to boost the net asset value and the capitalised earnings value of real estate under our care. Owing to comprehensive research and to our own integrated property management platform, we have the in-house capacities and competencies that it takes to turn ideas into concrete value-added – be it through lettings management, repositioning or

Our lettings managers are on the ground in the regional investment hot spots we cover. They stay in close touch with tenants and with prospective leads. Permanently forward-looking letting efforts make sure that rent revenues flow reliably and predictably.

Having our own commercial and technical facility management makes it easy for us to be on hand quickly and reliably. Flexibility, speed and networked competencies will enhance any property’s value in use.

Our interdisciplinary development team of architects, civil engineers, economists and other experts in planning and operational project supervision has everything it takes to revitalise and reposition properties. In this line of business, we work in close consultation with the letting teams so as to meet the exact requirements of occupiers and markets.

Assets under Management

Dynamic managed by DIC

Our portfolio consists, on the one hand, of the comprehensive spectrum of internal investment and property management competencies. On the other hand, it consists of high-end commercial real estate – we are responsible for around 4.8 million square metres of lettable area, annual rent revenues of c. EUR 615 million and a significant project and transaction volume that makes us one of Germany’s leading property asset managers and gives us a conspicuous market presence.

Our investment and asset management activities, which we have split into two complementary segments, benefit both from our in-house property management and from our property development competencies.

Using our comprehensive expertise, we manage assets with a market value of EUR 14.1 billion across the entire property life cycle, always close to the market and directly in touch with the tenants.

Buying and selling at the right time, running a forward-looking lettings management, and taking measures to upgrade and refurbish portfolio properties – it’s all part of our day-to-day efforts to ensure the steady appreciation of the real estate under our care.

And we keep on growing, both as property asset holders and as managers of an aspirational portfolio of commercial real estate in Germany.

The Commercial Portfolio represents our proprietary real estate portfolio. Here, we generate steady cash flows from stable rent revenues on long-term leases while also optimising the value of our portfolio assets through active management, and realising gains from sales.

In the Institutional Business we earn recurrent fees from real estate services we provide to national and international institutional investors by structuring and managing investment vehicles that return attractive dividend yields.

Commercial Portfolio

Proprietary property holdings: Top-20 selection

At a glance: the top-20 shortlist of our portfolio properties by market value

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Institutional Business

For Pros, Delivered by Pros

Institutional investors benefit from our investment and management know-how by reaping lucrative distribution yields. We tap property potential on the basis of differentiated investment structures and strategies:

  • club deals
  • pool funds
  • separate accounts

From acquisitions, to structuring tailored investments, to active measures for boosting both income and value, and all the way to the optimal exit: We are packing our entire know-how plus our superior market access into our range of deliverables for institutional investors, bundled up by our subsidiary GEG.

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Property Acquisitions

Our Acquisition Focus

For the expansion of our proprietary portfolio and for our institutional client business, we continuously buy up commercial real estate and portfolios that match our management brief and our regional management footprint in Germany. To this end, our acquisitions team screens more than 2,000 listings per year before moving quickly, discretely and flexibly to initiate off-market transactions, and closing acquisitions in a total volume of around EUR 2.5 billion in the course of a year.

Our latest detailed acquisition profile is available in PDF format.

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Onsite services

Operational strength with a dedicated presence: our onsite teams

Intense Tenant Management

Our regional teams act as direct interface between the owners and occupiers of properties in our care.

Target-Driven Lettings Management

Our letting teams negotiate and sign new leases for 200,000 to 300,000 sqm of commercial rental space every year.

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Forward-Looking Maintenance

We handle the essential factors that control the capital preservation of real estate directly by deploying our in-house property managers.

Building Redevelopment

Bringing real estate back to life includes upgrading and revitalising existing buildings, and we use dedicated in-house teams to control and implement the process.

Our recipe for success:
making an actual difference.

Portfolio development, Revitalisations, Repositioning

What makes our business model so special is that we have the competencies and capacities required to revitalise assets exactly as needed and to decorate units in ways that enhance our tenants’ enjoyment of them and that thus help to ensure long-term leases of lasting value.

We never engage in speculative development and construction works, but proceed on the basis of agreements we negotiate with specific occupiers.

For property upgrades and redevelopments, we bring our own interdisciplinary team of architects, civil engineers and project supervisors to the job: examples include the revitalisation of an administrative building in the form of an energy refurbishment and modernisation in collaboration with its long-term occupier but subject to demanding logistics, or the repositioning of a classic landmark high-rise as a premium asset with DGNB sustainability certificate.

This way, we keep increasing the values of our real estate portfolio – with a view to reliable cash flows.

Superbly Networked in the Market

With c. 350 employees in nine regional locations, we maintain an on-site presence in all major markets of Germany. Take advantage of this extensive network and the detailed know-how of DIC.

On Hand and Efficient with In-House Teams

The fact that we operate eight branch offices nationwide and have in-depth regional know-how enables us to exploit the various advantages and chances that present themselves on Germany’s regional markets. There is no better way to seize attractive investment opportunities and to use different market dynamics to increase future earnings.

Our proprietary management platform puts us in a position to quickly identify, buy and sustainably manage real estate with an attractive risk-return ratio. Our market-anchored teams take care of tenants and properties right on location.

At the same time, our business partners and clients benefit from our profound financing and transaction know-how. What brings us together includes a sound, multifaceted collaboration and direct links to a large number of finance partners and investors in Germany.

This makes our network valuable for anyone who appreciates reliability, speed and innovation.