Sustainable action
at DIC Asset AG

We positively mitigate climate change

We shape our business with and for the people

We are a reliable partner, and conduct our business activities in a transparent and accountable manner

We use digitisation for ESG purposes as yet another building block

Sustainability as an integral component of the corporate strategy

„Know how and know why“

E: We positively mitigate climate change

We owe it to our environment: combining successful management and decarbonisation.

We strive to contribute to a sustainable development and to the reduction of CO₂ emissions in our real estate inventory by investing in energy-efficient and sustainable buildings when buying new real estate and when initiating upgrade measures in our portfolio properties.

We firmed embedded this approach in our budgets.

S: We shape our business with and for the people

Initiative, mutual support and fairness: These are all part of a corporate ethics that governs our interaction on a personal level. And that is motivated by the reassuring awareness: We make a difference!

It is the foundation of our “dynamic performance.” Backed by the energy and the daily involvement of each staff member.

G: We are a reliable partner, and conduct our business activities in a transparent and accountable manner

Trust is a precious thing.

Trust gives us the very ability to be quick, innovative and dynamic. Trust is the basis for our growth and for the capabilities of our company to use resources in pin-point ways for the ongoing development.

Accordingly, we need to make a major effort to ensure that business partners and stakeholders perceive our business as trustworthy and reliable.

3+1: We use digitisation for ESG purposes as yet another building block

By expanding our digital services for investors and tenants, and by conducting the collaboration and coordination in commercial and technical facility management virtually in real time, we keep picking up the pace.

Making more out of it:
Better service.
Higher quality.
Smarter use of resources.

CEO Sonja Waerntges
Chief Executive Officer

Sonja Wärntges

“Climate protection and sustainability are key drivers of the real estate market’s development while ESG is an integral component of the corporate strategy of DIC.

It is not just the real estate industry that talks about the mega trends of ESG and digitisation, which we have gradually embedded in our company over the past years: In the years ahead, these trends will be among the key factors deciding over the success or failure of real estate value creation and the long-term viability of business models.

Even and especially the real estate industry, which accounts for about 40% of Germany’s total energy consumption and for well over 30% of the CO₂ emissions, is considered a key industry in the struggle to achieve the national and international climate targets

Our ESG Journey continues: Let us invite you to learn more about our ESG horizons and our strategic compass.”

Our ESG Strategy

The ESG approach has become an essential and integral component of our corporate strategy, of our management approach and of our business activities – not just since yesterday.

We manage our business proactively in line with sustainability aspects by our experienced management. Combining it with our digital and IT strategy creates a powerful foundation.

„Know how and know why“

Dr. Kati Herzog
Head of Sustainability

Dr. Kati Herzog

“As a listed company, DIC is very much in the public eye. This translates into high expectations in our sustainability performance and in our transparency.

Since our business model consists of two complementary segments – the proprietary property stock (Commercial Portfolio) on the one hand, and the third-party business (Institutional Business) on the other – we are not only subject to regulatory requirements, but also engage with industry trends and the most diverse needs of our stakeholders, which include our shareholders, tenants, and institutional clients.

The sheer variety of topics that we gather under the ESG ­umbrella on the basis of our performance profile and our 360-degree approach is broad, currently very dynamic and simultaneously complex: The topics range from operational to strategic in character, i. e. from the heating system to individual properties and funds, all the way to group-level issues that concern both our business and our employees and real estate. Plus, they interact and have ramifications for the overall ESG picture.

ESG has become an integral part of day-to-day business. We are now taking things a step further along the same lines in order to get everyone in the company to come aboard and to ensure that DIC is making good progress with its ESG agenda.”

see our ESG roadmap


Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct illustrates what we as DIC Group stand for, and what sort of values
we uphold.

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